At CME, the classroom environment provides a rich context for understanding our physical and social world.Kids

Students in grades 1-6 at Central Montessori Elementary stay with the same teacher for more than one year, learning through the use of hands-on, interactive materials.

The teachers facilitate learning by suggesting ways to solve problems and finding solutions, while allowing students to adjust strategies. Students learn through exploring and asking questions, individually and in cooperative groups.

We use instructional materials and district curriculum to meet the Forest Lake Area School District's learning outcomes and standards.

Central Montessori has embraced an initiative focused on preparing our students for future success. It seems obvious that a successful future IS what school is about. Teaching young people is the work of education, however, research suggests that in some areas, we can be more deliberate in our approach. Children begin developing stereotypes about themselves and their abilities at an early age. We want to ensure that they perceive themselves as having many skills and abilities, as well as many options in their futures. We also plan to instill in them that their education belongs to them, school is about student learning and not about teacher teaching. Research indicates that this also promotes academic and life success. To accomplish these outcomes, we will have more student self-reflection on behaviors of success, guidance lessons aimed at looking to the future, student led conferences, and daily communication with home regarding the student's perception and reflection about the day. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Kelly Tschudy-Lafean at (651) 982-3171.